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All about Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning


You may have heard about reverse cycle air conditioning but not actually know how it works. More and more Perth locals are choosing to invest in reverse cycle air conditioning so if you’re looking to purchase a new cooling system, it might be worth investigating whether reverse cycle air conditioning is right for you.

What is a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner?

A reverse cycle air conditioner is a two-in-one system that allows you to both cool and warm your building, depending on the weather! It’s simple, effective and eliminates the need to have separate heating and cooling systems in your home.

What are the Advantages of a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner?

The advantages of a reverse cycle air conditioner are huge and go beyond just the fact that they can both heat and cool. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider installing a reverse cycle air conditioner in your home.

They Cool Effectively In Summer

A reverse cycle air conditioner is unique in the way it cools an area. Rather than creating cooler air within itself like a portable or electric air conditioner would, a reverse cycle air conditioner takes heat from the outside air and converts it to cooler air which is far more economical and energy efficient than their portable counterparts.

They Keep You Warm In Winter

A reverse cycle air conditioner keeps you warm in winter in a similar fashion to the way is keeps you cool in summer. It doesn’t matter how cold it is outside, the heating system will absorb heat from the outside air and use a refrigerant and compressor to release heat into your home.

They’ll Do Better than a Fan, Every Time

You can have an extremely high-quality fan and it still won’t effectively keep your home cool or warm. Not only that, they’re mostly cumbersome, and upright fans need to be stored somewhere when they’re not in use, where they often become dusty and dirty.

Your Air Will be Purified

There’s nothing worse than being cooped up inside with the air conditioner on but feeling like you’re breathing in stale air. You won’t have that problem with a reverse cycle air conditioner. Many split systems now have a filter that purifies the air before it is released into your space. Look for air conditioners that have been approved by the National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice.

Let the Experts Help You Decide

At The Weather Wizard, we know everything you need to know about reverse cycle air conditioning. Choosing your air conditioner can be tricky. That’s where you need the wizards to work their magic! We are dedicated air-conditioner specialists, servicing Perth and beyond. If you are considering a reverse cycle air conditioner, contact us today for friendly advice and a free quote.