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Keeps you comfortable and in control. With every room zoned independently, Zone10e scores 10/10 for comfort and control.

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Advantage Air: Energy Efficient Air con at its best

Dedicated to making home the ultimate comfort zone

Advantage Air is an Australian company, based in Perth, Western Australia. Since 1990, we’ve been researching, designing and manufacturing air-conditioning systems in Australia, specifically for Australian conditions.

We take great pride in producing a home grown product that is world class – and we have the 6 patents, 24 registered designs, 2 innovation patents, 4 trademarks and 2 design marks to prove it.

Our air conditioning systems are Aussie made and Aussie tough; they’ll withstand the demands of a Brisbane summer, Hobart winter, or four seasons in one Melbourne day. Our commitment to energy efficient air conditioning means you won’t pay dearly for your comfort.

While we are at the forefront of technology, we believe in providing old-fashioned personal service. We are here to help and being local, parts and servicing are always readily available. Because we’d hate for you to ever lose your cool.


Lets everyone find their happy number

Some like it hot. Some like it cold. With every room zoned independently, everyone can have their room at the temperature that suits them

Great functionality

  • Compatible with all major airconditioning brands
  • Effective 7-inch touchscreen with efficient internet access
  • Practical, user-friendly graphics
  • Adjust the airflow to any room from 5 -100%
  • e-Zone app for smartphones and tablets
  • Option of temperature sensors

Keeps you comfortable and in control

With every room zoned independently, Zone10e scores 10/10 for comfort and control.

Smart control, well priced

  • Touch screen controller
  • Standard remote control app for your smartphone or tablet
  • Adjust the airflow to any room from 10% -100%
  • 10 zones for complete control
  • Pre-selected dump zone only opens when needed
  • Easy to set up scheduling

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