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How Do I Choose an Air Conditioning System?

Daikin L-series split system installed in modern living room

Choosing an air conditioner can be overwhelming if you don’t have the right advice. There are certain things you need to factor in to ensure you don’t end up with an air conditioner that can’t adequately keep you cool. At The Weather Wizard, we suggest talking to us to find the best solution based on your needs.


Commercial air conditioning requirements are often different to residential as the structure of the building may retain more heat over the warmer months. At The Weather Wizard, we understand the difference between cooling a home to cooling a commercial building and are able to perfectly match your needs to the right system.

Sticking Within Your Budget

Your budget will allow you to narrow down your air conditioning options while still allowing for the best possible solution within your spending limits. The Weather Wizard understands the importance of sticking to your budget when installing a cooling system and is more than happy to help you find something that will suit your needs.

Ducted or Split System

One of the biggest decisions you will make is whether to invest in a ducted or split cooling system. While this decision often comes down to the cost and the space needed to cool down, professionals like The Weather Wizard will be able to discuss your specific needs to help you make that choice.

Size of Space Needed to Cool

If you need to cool multiple spaces and rooms in the one building, such as your home, then ducted air-conditioning may be a great choice. However, if the space is small, then a large split system may suffice to cool multiple rooms. There are a lot of factors to consider, including:

  • Are there narrow doorways and hallways in the area?
  • Does the area have large windows or receive a lot of sun?
  • Is there adequate space on the wall to install split systems if needed?

H2: Wall Space

You’ll need to consider if you have an external wall space to install a split system or if you will need to use an internal wall. Ceiling vents for ducted systems can take away the issue of needing an appropriate space on your wall.

At The Weather Wizard, we know that choosing an air conditioner can be tricky, and that’s where you need the wizards to work their magic! We are dedicated air-conditioner specialists, servicing Perth and beyond. We believe in listening to, and working with our clients to perfectly match an air conditioner to suit their needs. If you need help deciding which air conditioner system will suit your home or business, contact us today.