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Common Problems with Air Conditioners


closeup of changing air conditioner filter

Even the highest quality air conditioners can come across common problems over their lifespan. Hopefully, if your air conditioner is of the premium variety and was installed by professionals, you won’t encounter too many problems as long as your air conditioner is regularly maintained.

What’s the Problem with your Air Conditioner

If you happen to run into a bit of bad luck with your air conditioner though, here’s what the problem is most likely to be.

Your Air Conditioner is Blowing Warm or Hot Air

If it feels like your air conditioner isn’t doing its job of cooling you down, and instead, it feels like it’s simply blowing the air from the outside of the house into the building, there are a few things to check for.

  • Low or no refrigerant: This is the most common reason for your lack of cool air. Refrigerant is a necessary chemical used in air conditioners so they can function properly. If you’ve run out of refrigerant, there’s also a high chance that there is a leak in your unit which a professional will be able to identify and repair
  • A dirty outside unit: The unit outside your home can easily build up with dust and debris. This can cause it to overheat, causing your air conditioner to function incorrectly.

Hissing Sounds

If you hear a hissing sound coming from your air conditioner that’s a sure sign that there’s a leak in your unit and your refrigerant may be leaking. Contact your professional repairer immediately as the leak must be repaired before any refrigerant can be replaced.

Air Conditioner Is Tripping the Circuit Breaker

This can be a common problem if your air conditioner wasn’t installed by a professional or it is working too hard and is using more amps than the circuit breaker is designed for. It’s important not to continually restart the air conditioner as this may damage the appliance or even cause a fire. Get to the root of the cause by calling a professional.

There’s a Burning Smell from Your Air Conditioner

A burning smell from your air conditioner may be common, but it’s certainly nothing to take lightly. If your air conditioner is emitting a smoky smell, it could be a sign it’s overheating, the unit is too dirty or full of dust, or there’s a fire somewhere. It’s safer not to run it with a smell like that and bring in someone to have it repaired.

Call the Experts

At The Weather Wizard, we know how important it is to ensure your air conditioner is running smoothly. It can be difficult to find the appliances and advice that will reduce your need for maintenance and repair. That’s where you need the wizards to work their magic!

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