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Daikin: The Best In Cooling

For over 50 years Daikin has been at the forefront of air conditioning providing its customers with the best in cooling with one of the lowest running costs.

Households can make considerable savings of up to 27% on their heating running costs by switching to a Daikin split system. Its versatility means that you can rely on one single unit to provide both hot and cold air conditioning comfort throughout the year.

What’s more, gas heating just can’t compete with all of the other benefits you’ll enjoy with a Daikin. When you heat with a Daikin split system, it includes a range of features which makes it so energy efficient:

Intelligent eye – a human presence sensor allows for the ability to either direct airflow towards you or away from you for draft-free comfort, or if the room is unoccupied for 20 minutes, the unit automatically goes into energy saving mode

Comfort mode – guarantees draft-free operation by positioning the louvre downwards to drive warm air to the bottom of the room

Powerful mode – if you need to heat the room quickly, powerful mode maximises the power for 20 minutes, before automatically returning the unit to the original setting

Smart phone control (optional) – allows you to monitor and control your system from virtually anywhere

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Australia’s Air Conditioning Specialists

As one of Australia’s most trusted names in air conditioning, Daikin can be found in homes, businesses, and community projects across Australia. We have been heating and cooling Australian homes for over 45 years, so we’re used to dealing with the extremes of the harsh Australian climate.

Experts in Air Conditioning

As air conditioning experts, we make it our mission to understand what makes an environment feel like ‘home’ and design and engineer smart technologies that provide the best possible climate-controlled comfort for people.

Quality After Sales Support

Daikin guarantees your comfort in every facet of our service. Daikin’s dedicated after sales support team is second-to-none in providing you with the necessary coverage for your continued comfort beyond purchase.

Benefits of Daikin Technology

Daikin have dedicated over 90 years to developing technologies that make heating and cooling your home or business effective and efficient. We offer superior quality and durability, and are a world leader in the creation of air conditioning technologies that takes care of people and planet.

Daikin’s 5-year parts and labour warranty applies to split, multi split and ducted air conditioners purchased and installed in homes across Australia

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