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Renovating? Don’t Forget Your Cooling!

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Renovating your home can be an exciting and fun experience. Giving your home a fresh new look and updated style also means kicking out those old air conditioners for something with comfort, style and power.

Before you go renovating your home, you might want to consider the following when it comes to cooling your house too. This will ensure your home not only looks great, but feels amazing at the same time!

The Bedrooms

The bedrooms are often missed when considering cooling for your home, but if you’ve ever had to lay awake on top of your sheets, tossing and turning, unable to get to sleep on a hot summer’s day, then you’ll know how important cooling in your bedrooms is! Consider a small split system in bedrooms, or install ducted cooling to ensure your bedrooms are as cool as the rest of your home.

The Kitchen

The kitchen can become quite a hot spot if it’s not adequately cooled. There’s always times where cooking a roast on a summer’s day can’t be avoided, and in that moment, you’ll be wishing you upgraded your cooling system. Air conditioning ducts located above the kitchen can help you cook in comfort without impeding on the space in your kitchen. Alternatively, if your house is open plan, a large split system may suffice in keeping both your kitchen and living space cool.

The Lounge Room

If you’re upgrading your lounge room, then you absolutely need to consider the best type of air conditioning for the area. You want your guests to come over and marvel the changes. You also want to entertain them in premium comfort! At The Weather Wizard, we will be able to discuss your exact space and we will even be able to match a style of system to suit the renovation of your home.

The Theatre Room

If you’ve got an entertainment or theatre room, that’s a space that definitely needs to be cool. Nobody wants to be watching a movie on the big screen while listening to the whirring of an upright fan and sweating! Theatre rooms with added insulation can assist with soundproofing and keeping the room as cool as possible, but a split system or ducted cooling will really be the icing on the cake for a great, renovated theatre room.

Call us Before You Renovate

At The Weather Wizard, we will take the hassle out of your renovation by discussing with you not only the best cooling system for your needs and the location it should be installed, but also what other factors to include into your renovation to make your home energy efficient, such as:

  • window and/or curtain placement
  • insulation
  • lights
  • wall colours

At The Weather Wizard, we know that renovation can be stressful without having to think of the best cooling system. That’s where you need the wizards to work their magic! We are dedicated air conditioner specialists, servicing Perth and beyond. If you need a stress free time having your air conditioning system installed during your renovation, contact us today for friendly advice and a free quote.