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A Ducted Air-Conditioning is a popular choice for residents at Perth because of its ability to cope with both the humidity and extreme heat. It can give the most reliable climate control in small homes, large homes spaces, even apartments. The experts at The Wizard Weather have installed hundreds of Daikin and Advantage Air ducted systems.
The modern ducted systems are an ideal addition to your home mainly because of its ability to run multiple zones. It can evenly distribute cool or warm air throughout multiple units or rooms in the home and even provide different temperatures.
There are many factors that need to be considered before any installation can start. Our specialists can do a quick assessment of your home and can give you advice regarding  your specific situation. Contact us today for a free quote!

Choosing Your Ducted Air-Conditioning System

A Daikin ducted system is the best choice in providing air-conditioned comfort inside your office or home. Since it can serve multiple rooms all at once, they can also be fitted into an existing building or a new home. One Installed, only the grilles will be visible and each room can be individually controlled via a remote control.

Choosing a specific system for ducted air-conditioning can be problematic if you are not fully aware of the factors to be taken account. Details such as the structure’s floor plan, the height of rooms, orientation, and use of space are some of the important information that needs to be assessed. Knowing the right location for its outdoor compressor unit is also crucial since it needs to be installed where a certain level of noise will not be an issue, which is why we only use quality Daikin Systems

Most of the ducted air-conditioning systems offer both cooling and heating which is also called reverse cycle. Daikin’s ducted systems are highly compatible for offices and homes that have a low ceiling and limited roof space. The Premium Inverter Ducted and Standard Inverter Ducted are both engineered for easy retrofitting, compact design, and efficiency for both small and large houses. The Slim-Line Ducted design, on the other hand, is specifically used for spaces that have limited ceiling space, most especially bedrooms. And the Bulkhead System is ideal for property owners that need a discreet look without compromising air comfort.

Expert Installation By Professionals

At The Weather Wizard, we consider every installation to be  important which is why we don’t use unknown contractors.
After contacting us for a free quote, our specialists will complete a thorough walk-through. We take note specific elements such as your homes level of insulation, the type ceiling height, air flow and, the orientation of room. It is also important that we assess the cavity space of your ceiling since it can dictate which type of system is applicable to you. All this information is highly valuable to ensure the performance of your new ducted air-conditioning systems.
After the completion of the assessment, we will then schedule the installation process according to your preferred day and time. We value our credibility as one of the best air-conditioning system installers in Perth that is why we make sure that our installation process is at par with the Australian standards from beginning to end. We also leave your place spotlessly clean.
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Quality You Can Count on

If you have more than one room that needs climate control, then a Daikin ducted air-conditioning system is the best option for you. It evenly distributes cooling and heating throughout the whole structure with the ability to control the temperature of each room. Compared to other air-conditioning systems, the ducted system can help you save money and time in the installation process alone.

When it comes to aesthetics, the ducted type is more desirable to the eyes since you can blend the color of its grills with the paint color of your walls. Unlike the split types, only the grilles are visible which ultimately adds to the functionality of the space and decreases any obstruction. It doesn’t make a lot of noise since its compressor units are placed either on the rooftop or outside. It is minimalist, clean, and most of cost-effective.

Aside from its obvious valuable features, there is still so much to love about the ducted air-conditioning system. Its superior heating and cooling power mixed with its aesthetics and noiseless operation are more than what any home or property owner can ask for. These factors also give you creative freedom over a specific room or the whole structure itself. If you need professional advice on the costs of installing a ducted air-conditioning system, call us today to get a free quote! We will also be happy to accommodate you with other queries.

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